New Marlboro NXT Cigarettes

new marlboro nxt cigarettes

So, this is not a post that is in any way try to condone any of you non smokers to smoke (or any of our underage readers) but being that I’m a smoker myself, I figured I would do a post on the new Marlboro NXT cigarettes. These have been being promoted in my area for a few weeks now and since they’re finally out, I decided to try a pack. For those of you smokers that have no idea what the new Marlboro NXT cigarettes are, they are basically the same thing as Camel Crush. They start out as a non menthol cigarette and upon crushing the mint like button in the filter, they turn to menthol. While I will say that menthol fans probably won’t like them as much as your menthol cigarette of choice (I smoke Marlboro Mild Menthols), they are definitely better than Camel Crush in my opinion. So, have any of you smokers got your hands on these yet? If so, what did you think about them? Do you prefer them over your normal cigarette? Do you like them better than Camel Crush? What don’t you like about them? Also, I wanted to point out one more things about these cigarettes. The actual pack itself is constructed far better than any pack I have ever seen. It comes in a durable, black pack with a sleek feel/design to it. It almost reminds me of the carrying case “pack” that Blu electronic cigarettes come in. You smokers will know what I’m talking about once you get your hands on them. Finally, in my area they only cost around $4 a pack so you’re probably used to spending more than that anyways. Give them a try and leave your thoughts below. As always, we’d definitely love to hear them! Thanks!

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